Mens Promise Rings: What are my choices?

When selecting a mens promise ring there is not the same selection as there is for ladies rings, as one would expect as this is similar to such comparisons in all areas of women and men’s fashion and jewellery choices. Similarly to men’s wedding rings, men’s promise rings tend to be limited to a basic band design, but there is a wide selection of material, precious stones, engraved design and inlays, camouflage designs and colors to suit most tastes. To give you a quick run down of some of the options featured in our store please see the ring materials guide below.


tungsten carbide ring is a very hard and almost scratch proof ring that is amongst the most popular material,along with titanium, for men’s promise rings. Most men prefer tungsten or titanium due to the fact is very light, and very tough in terms of wearability – so a good choice if the man getting the promise ring is likely to be a bit tough on the ring. Tungsten also does not corrode in salt water so a good choice if the recipient works in an environment, or plays sport, where they are exposed to salt water all the time. A point to note however is that tungsten rings cannot be resized, although you will find a wide disparity on the net regarding this issue, but to be safe assume the answer is no.  So if the recipient loses a lot of weight for instance you will need to purchase a new ring. Also, do don’t be too concerned about the claims that a tungsten ring cannot be removed in an emergency – from all my research this appears to be a myth. Tungsten carbine promise rings also come in a wide range of colors and designs.


Similar to the tungsten, titanium is an incredibly popular choice for men’s’ promise rings. Titanium is light, very tough, hard to scratch, won’t corrode in salt water and is much cheaper than rings from precious metal such as gold or silver. Again, you need to understand that his ring cannot be resized down should the receiver lose weight, but can be sized up.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is becoming increasingly popular as a choice for men’s rings as it light, durable and very affordable. It is also a good choice for men who get allergies/reactions to other metals. Again, stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and is a poor conduct of heat and electricity – so perhaps a good choice for tradesmen in certain professions.

Camo Style

Whilst this may conjure up visions of a harden marine slowly emerging from a muddy swamp in full camouflage, the camouflage ring is really a ring that is made (generally) from metal with an inlayed ‘camouflage’ design – not necessarily of military design. The ‘camo’ designs on these rings are virtually endless and you can get them in almost any color and design imaginable. So if your partner is into something a bit different then this is likely a promise ring that will hit the mark with him…..and yes they do come in standard military camouflage designs.  Many of this style of ring is made from tungsten carbide, but there are a few really nice design from ceramic with other materials (like wood) inlays.

Precious Metals

These are rings made from gold (all colors) and silver. They are the most tradition material for men’s promise rings, and other jewellery. These rings can come in brushed or shiny design, with engraving or inlaid with precious stones.  As you would expect rings made from precious metals (not those dipped or coasted) will be more expensive than promise rings made from other materials.


Medical grade silicone wedding rings are becoming increasingly popular and I thought it was worthwhile to add them to the list because for the active outdoorsy type male they fit the bill. These bands come a very simple band design, in a wide array of colors, including one in a traditional camouflage design. These rings won’t appeal to everyone, but are perfect for the guy that has an allergy to metals or is an active gym junkie who finds conventional hard metal rings just don’t fit with his lifestyle.


Don’t think of ceramic like the pretty bowls in your kitchen, ceramic mens rings are made from a man made material, tough, highly durable and its claimed, almost un-scratchable. The ceramic used to make rings is a type of cubic zirconium and it is becoming increasingly popular for making black rings. So if you want a ring that won’t show wear and tear, stays shiny and can be treated pretty mean then this would be a good choice.  It is not made of metal so it is also a perfect choice for a mens promise ring for those that need a ring from hypoallergenic materials or for professionals (like electricians) that cannot wear jewelry that conducts electricity.


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