Promise Ring: which finger should I wear it on?

With a variety of rings now available, friendship, claddagh, tiara or knot, to express care and meaning to loved ones there is often confusion about what ring to buy and how to wear it. A promise ring is a demonstration of commitment between two people. This could be a commitment to marry at some date in the future (pre-engagement), date exclusively, chastity through abstinence from sex before marriage, a commitment to abstain from bad habits, commitment to a religion or a particularly friendship.

What is the type of relationship?

The ring finger that the promise ring is worn on will depend on the reason it has been gifted in the first place. A promise ring that is given as a romantic gesture, of pre-engagement, chastity or to signify an exclusive romantic relationships then it should be worn on the ring finger of the left hand. If this seems a bit forward or the recipient is ‘saving’ that for an engagement ring then it is perfectly acceptable to wear it on the middle finger of the left hand instead.

Another example of when promise ring can also be worn on the left hand ring finger is when the couple would like to chose an engagement ring together, but want to signify their engagement; or perhaps one person would like to propose but is unsure of sizing for the engagement ring so gets a less expensive promise ring as an interim until the engagement ring is sized properly.

A promise ring that is worn as a sign of chastity to signify abstinence from sex before marriage, or abstinence from another bad habit such as smoking, then the promise ring should be worn on the left hand.  Claddagh ring have their own history, meaning and traditions for wearing, so follow this link to read more if that is the ring you are going to purchase.

When should a promise ring be worn on the right hand?

If the promise ring is given in friendship where there is nothing other than platonic friendship the promise ring should be worn on the right hand, on any finger to avoid any misinterpretation of the meaning of the ring and therefore the left hand ring finger should be avoided. Additionally, anyone married that receives a promise ring should also wear the ring the right hand; for instance; if you are courting but still not legally divorced from a previous marriage then ideally you should not wear the ring on your left hand ring finger until you are free to marry again.

Promise rings on pendant necklaces

It is becoming increasingly popular to wear a promise ring on a necklace, rather than on your hand. There are likely many practical reasons for this, apart from in increasing popularity in jewellery design to have rings on necklaces. Many fitness conscious people do not wear rings due to occupational health and safety concerns of de-gloving their finger during a workout. This has also seen a rise in silicone wedding bands. Additionally, some guys are just not they type to wear a ring as they either don’t like the feeling of it on their hands or its not practical given their line of work or extra-curricular activity.

Some people also suffer medical conditions that see their fingers swell, so wearing a ring is just not possible. In these circumstances, or simply because you like the look of your ring on a necklace, then its perfectly acceptable to wear your promise ring around your neck on a chain. There are an increasing variety of choice in couples ring pedants, where there are two matching rings and chains specifically designed as a pair for couples. Generally speaking the ring can be removed from the chain by one or both people to wear on their hand should they desire – be careful when selecting however as some are designed to look like a real ring but would not be suitable to wear on your hand.

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